Tandems Do A Grand Job

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Student landing parachute

Tandems Do A Grand Job

As we start to enter the colder season, hardcore Yorkshire skydivers are breaking out the thermals and carrying on – except me. I am developing mild hypothermia and am wearing everything I own while jumping!

The past few months have been exceptional for progression of students. Our very own ‘Dick and Dom’ have entertained us throughout and have both progressed to 15-second delays without any repeat jumps. They prove to be so much fun and it is a pleasure to have them around the centre.

Grahame Morris is also highly motivated and sneaking the jumps in, recently completing his first freefall. Grahame was the first student to jump one of our shiny new rigs – needless to say he fell over and covered it in mud. Graham will be learning the art of cleaning equipment and the ‘brush of shame’ is his new best friend.

Kurt Plaschke has also returned to the club and is back on his student journey.

Viktoria Ivanov has completed her static line course and first few jumps. It is fantastic that Viktoria is jumping with us, as her late husband Dennis was a much-loved member of our skydiving community.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Johnston has finally achieved his A Licence, which is great news. He must also be congratulated on his engagement to Amy Robinson. She is a very brave lady!

Skydive GB has reached a milestone because we have achieved more than 1,000 tandems in the year already. While that’s not many compared to the large centres, for us this was great news and it was only achievable due to our amazing staff, including instructors, pilots, ground staff, admin, canteen and marketing – so thank you all for your time and motivation over 2018.

We have finished jumping on Fridays for the year now, which is great. However, since we stopped every Friday has been sunshine and low winds – frequently followed by wind and rain on Saturdays and Sundays!

Skydive GB has developed an executive club of serial tandem skydive students. These four students are now in competition for jump numbers and we have a leader board. Lynn Robinson is presently in first place with a tally of 16 to date, so Mandy, George and Tony have some catching up to do.

Our final operating weekend is the first weekend in December and we will reopen at the beginning of January. Over the winter, we will be tidying up the centre, sending the aircraft away for annual service and cleaning any rigs that Grahame has trashed. We plan to have a safety day prior to the new season and will confirm dates once they are arranged. This will include B Licence briefs if there is enough interest.

Words by Sara Orton, photo by Alec Flint.

Originally published in Skydive The Mag, December 2018

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