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Microtia UK is a registered charity that is dedicated to supporting people affected by a rare condition which can result in underdeveloped or missing ear(s) and associated hearing loss.

Microtia (Greek for ‘little ear’) is a malformation or misshape of the external part of the ear (pinna) and can vary in severity from the ear being smaller than expected to varying degrees of absence of the outer ear. In some cases, a smaller or incomplete ear canal and/or hearing apparatus may be present or missing altogether (atresia). Microtia is frequently accompanied by atresia because the baby’s outer ear and the ear canal develop together during pregnancy.

Microtia affects 1 in every 6,000 babies.

Microtia UK is funded entirely by voluntary contributions. Every donation is important to us and we are grateful for each contribution we receive.

Your fundraising will help us to support the following areas in relation to Microtia:


Developing research in the field of Microtia
(Examples include: stem cell research, regenerative medicine, psychological, spatial hearing, the impact of BAHAs.)


Community Development
(Examples include: venue hire for events, refreshments, travel, entertainment at events for children.)


Education and Publications
(Examples include: developing leaflets for medical professionals about ‘what to do when a baby is born with Microtia’; publish a Transition to School booklet, develop website.)


Together we can make a difference! Thank you for your support.



Saturday 9 September 2023


Please Note

If the minimum amount of £400 is not raised, then the participant is liable to pay the remaining balance of the skydive on the day.


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Unfortunately, we can’t share skydiving with everyone. There are some age, weight and medical restrictions which you can find here.



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