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The Yorkshire Tandem Skydive Experience

What Is Tandem Skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is where you’re secured to a highly experienced instructor, so it’s the best and easiest way to experience the thrill of skydiving. After a short training session, all you need to do is enjoy the jump and let your instructor do all the hard work!

If you think it’s just for the adrenaline junkies, then think again! Ask any skydiver, there’s a real sense of freedom as you fall through the air from 10,000 feet. When the parachute opens, the tranquillity kicks in and you’ll see what it’s like to fly like a bird.

When tandem skydiving in Yorkshire you’ll see the Yorkshire Coast like never before. The white cliffs of Flamborough Head, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is only a short distance away. If the visibility is good you can follow the coastline from Whitby, right down to the Humber Bridge and beyond.

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The Training

Learn what to expect

The beginning of your Yorkshire tandem skydive experience will begin with a short training session with one of our Instructors, giving you all the information you need to complete the parachute jump safely.

View from the aircraft

The Flight

Take In Those Views

Once in a jumpsuit and harness you'll be secured to your instructor and it's time to go! Don't let the nerves get the better of you, enjoy the breathtaking views of the Yorkshire Coast and countryside as we fly up to our jump altitude of 10,000 feet. The journey will take around 20 minutes, and before you know it the green light will be on!

Tandem skydive freefall

The Freefall

Let's Jump!

The door is open, the green light is on. Take a couple of deep breaths, it's time to jump! We'll accelerate to speeds in excess of 120mph and cover 5,000ft in approximately 30 seconds before your instructor opens the main parachute. If you've got the Gold Media Package, make sure to keep an eye out for your camera person and give them a wave in freefall!

Flying a parachute

The Parachute

Fly Like A Bird

The parachute opens and all goes quiet. Now it's time for that tranquil moment whilst you fly like a bird back down to earth. Soak up some of those Yorkshire views, and if the conditions are suitable your instructor may let you steer the parachute for a while before taking over again for the landing.

Student and tandem instructor

The Memories

``Can We Do It Again?!``

Congratulations, you've just completed the Yorkshire Tandem Skydive Experience! You'll receive a certificate to prove you fell out of a plane and walked away to tell the tale. If you added a media package, then your USB will be ready shortly after the jump to take home with you.



  • 1-2 People

  • £249/pp
  • Reserve for £50 pp

    Total balance of £199 pp payable on arrival

  • 3-4 People

  • £239/pp
  • Reserve for £50 pp

    Total balance of £189 pp payable on arrival

  • 5-9 People

  • £219/pp
  • Reserve for £50 pp

    Total balance of £169 pp payable on arrival

  • 10+ People

  • £209/pp
  • Reserve for £50 pp

    Total balance of £159 pp payable on arrival

Fridays & Bank Holiday Mondays

+ Select Mid-Week Open Dates

  • 1+ People

  • £209/PP
  • Reserve for £50 pp

    Total balance of £159 pp payable on arrival

To take advantage of group discounts, the booking for all participants must be made at the same time / within the same order.


Take a look here for a price breakdown of this experience.

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Choose from one of the parachute club’s media packages

The skydive may feel like it’s over in a few seconds, but you can relive the experience again and again with one of our media packages.

With the Instructor Handcam Package your Tandem Instructor can film the jump with a specially designed ‘hand-cam’. You’ll get a pre-skydive interview, the plane ride, some close-up freefall action plus footage from the parachute flight.

With the Freefall Camera Pro Package you can hire your own personal camera person to jump with you, capturing movie and photos throughout the experience. You’ll get a pre-skydive interview, the plane ride, freefall and landing.

With either option your media will be provided on USB stick shortly after your jump – so make sure you don’t rush off!

Total Price Of Your Media Package:
Instructor Handcam £75
Freefall Camera Pro £99
Personal Freefall Camera Person
Personal Freefall Camera Person
Personal Freefall Camera Person
Pre-Skydive Interview
Pre-Skydive Interview
Pre-Skydive Interview
Footage of Freefall
Footage of Freefall
Footage of Freefall
Footage of Parachute Flight
Footage of Parachute Flight
Footage of Parachute Flight
Footage of Landing
Footage of Landing
Footage of Landing
Different Angles Captured In Freefall
Different Angles Captured In Freefall
Different Angles Captured In Freefall


Sadly, we can’t share the love of skydiving with everyone. Due to the nature of the sport there are some age, weight and health restrictions.


The minimum age for tandem skydiving is 16. Under 18’s require parent/guardian permission in the form of signing the British Skydiving membership agreement and appropriate medical declaration below.

Notice for participants under the age of 18: As there is additional paperwork for under 18’s that must be completed by a parent/guardian, then we suggest one is present on the day of the jump. Photo ID for proof of age will also be required.

Weight and height limits

The maximum weight for tandem skydiving is 15 stone (95.25kg) fully clothed (unless you want to jump naked) and your weight must be in proportion to your height. There is no height limit.

Medical Requirements

We ask all participants to read the Medical Declaration Form 115A.

If you can agree to the above form, then you can self-certify by completing the form and bringing it with you on the day of the jump.

If you have a medical condition listed and can’t agree to Form 115A above, it doesn’t mean that you can’t jump – you will just need your doctor to to sign Form 115B instead.

If you’re still unsure, take a look at our blog post on ‘Which Medical Form For Skydiving’.

Questions? We’re here to help! Take a look at our FAQs

Awesome Reviews

Travellers’ Choice Award + Certificate of Excellence 4 Years Running

This experience has changed my life, the instructors and the team were very professional and great to get along with, the jump itself is just incredible. Let's just say that I have booked myself on the training course... I can't wait to get back in the sky!
I did the tandem skydive and it was the best experience of my life! The whole team were friendly, funny and so enthusiastic! My instructor Colin was very knowledgable and made sure the experience was enjoyable!
The most amazing experience of my life. I loved every minute. Instructors were friendly, confident, professional and fun.