Frequently Asked Questions

You’re about to jump from a perfectly good aircraft, of course you have a few questions! Take a look at the FAQs below, if you can’t find what you’re looking for just get in touch.

What days are you jumping?

We’re currently open for jumping on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. We do have some other select mid week days through the summer, please check the tandem booking diary for full availability.  All subject to suitable weather conditions.

Can I bring spectators?

Of course! We have a large outdoor spectator area that’s close to all the action. However, we’re unable to permit dogs – more info on that below.

What if the weather is bad on the day?

We are restricted by certain weather conditions for reasons of safety and comfort – if it is too windy or the cloud is too thick we won’t be able to jump. As we are close to the coast the weather can be very changeable and often the forecast can be wrong so it is usually worth sitting it out. Although on the day if we genuinely believe it won’t go ahead then we will advise you. If the weather does mean your jump doesn’t go ahead, all you have to do is arrange another date.

Is it safe?

All of the instructors at Skydive GB Parachute Club are highly trained and qualified with British Skydiving, our sport’s governing body. They are also carefully selected to give the highest standard instruction. The equipment used is regularly inspected and serviced and repacked by qualified packers only. The aircraft is regularly maintained in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations and all of our pilots are highly trained commercial pilots. All of this happens under the watchful eye of the Chief Instructor. It is however impossible to say there is no risk at all, as with most things in life, but we do everything we can to minimise and manage the risk.

What clothing should I wear?

Skydiving is a physical activity so loose fitting comfortable clothes and a pair of trainers (with eyelets, not hooks) are recommended. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting a little mucky, as there is a chance of this on some landings. We do have jumpsuits available if you would prefer to wear one. It can be cold at the jump altitude so bringing a warm top is also recommended. 

Can I breathe in freefall?

Yes. You can breathe normally in freefall although sometimes the change in temperature and the fact you’ve just left an aircraft some way above the planet can take your breath away – we will advise you in the aircraft to take a couple of deep breaths when the door opens to get acclimatised to the temperature change.

Will I be able to jump with my friend?

If you inform check-in when you arrive you would like to share your experience with a particular person then we will do our best to accommodate. Please be aware that we cannot always facilitate this for logistical reasons among others.

Is the centre dog friendly?

We know, you want to bring your pooch along, but an airfield really isn’t the best place. It’s noisy with fast moving aircraft and parachutes! We’re also based on a farm, and our landowner gets grumpy when they see them near their sheep.

If you have to bring your dog then please ensure to keep it on a lead at all times, stay away from the farm animals, and remain within the outdoor spectator area. Dogs are not permitted within the interior clubhouse, with the exception of assistant dogs.

Are there any refreshment facilities?

The Yorkshireman Cafe is on-site, and is owned and managed by a third party. They have hot drinks and snacks available, and on busier days more options may be available.

Is insurance included in the cost?

Third party liability insurance of up to £10M is included with the Tandem Skydive costs, however this does not cover personal accident insurance.

Personal accident insurance is not compulsory but some participants do take out some protection. This is not a service we provide, but there are a handful of insurers out there. We suggest researching this yourself, many can be found with a quick search on Google.

I’m only just over 40 – do I still need a medical?

The rules set by the British Skydiving changed some years ago, which means those over 40 may not require a medical declaration signing by a doctor. Take a look our blog on selecting the right medical form.

I'm confused, which medical form do I need?

If you’re taking part in skydiving in the UK then you will need a valid medical form completing.

We’ve put together this handy medical form guide that we hope explains which one is needed for which type of experience you’ll be doing.

I am disabled – can I still skydive?

We can take people with disabilities depending on the nature and severity of the disability. We would need to assess each person on an individual basis which normally means coming to see us prior to booking a skydive. If you contact us we can discuss options.

Can I wear my glasses or contacts?

We provide goggles for everyone and they fit over most glasses. Contacts are also no problem.

Can I wear my own camera?

Unfortunately the short answer is no.

British Skydiving, our sport’s governing body, only permits experienced skydivers (200 jump minimum + licensing requirements) to wear personal camera equipment.

We do have media options available which can be added to tandem bookings.