Experienced Skydivers, Solo Students & COVID-19

To keep on jumping we must adapt…

The information on this page is aimed at experienced skydivers and solo students only. 

We’re pleased to say the vast majority of our restrictions have now been removed, but please do take a look at the below before attending.


Pre-booking is no longer required for experienced skydivers with their own kit, but remains in place for solo students and is advised for experienced skydivers who require kit hire.

If you book and decide not to attend, please do let us know.

Solo students – If you have not had any recorded training within the last 3 months, from the date you intend to book for, please contact us before booking a slot.

Click here to pre-book



Kit & docs for experienced / licensed skydivers

If this is your first visit since 1 April you must complete the online kit and docs form here.

We urge you to do this as soon as possible and no later than the afternoon before your arrival.