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Skydive For Alzheimer’s Research UK

Tandem skydiving is a great feeling, but it’s even better when raising money for a charity! Now you can skydive for Alzheimer’s Research UK right here in Yorkshire, you’ll fulfil that bucket list dream whilst fundraising for a fantastic cause.

When charity skydiving for Alzheimer’s Research UK, the money you raise will go on to the research of overcoming dementia. With pioneering techniques it will make a real difference to people’s lives – now and in the future.


If you’re thinking of skydiving for Alzheimer’s Research UK…

Alzheimer’s Research UK will pay for your skydive (excluding the £50 sign-up fee) providing you raise a minimum of £400.


Limitations of Tandem Skydiving

Unfortunately, we can’t share skydiving with everyone. There are some age, weight and medical restrictions which you can find here.


Ready to skydive? Here are the next steps to book for this charity

  1. Think of a date you’d like to book for and call 01262 228033.
  2. Pay your non-refundable sign-up fee of £50.
  3. Start fundraising!

If you’re interested in a group booking, for example a corporate fundraising event or simply just a bunch of friends, then just get in touch!


Paid by charity or self funded


Sign up fee


Minimum Fundraising Target


How to book

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