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“The Jarrad Foundation was set up in 2017 after losing my son to suicide. Jarrad was my first born son, taking his own life on 6 September 2015 at the tender age of 21.

As a family we were not covered financially. A just giving page was set up and word got out raising a staggering £4500. I was overwhelmed with the community. I felt I needed to do something to say thank you, and this is where the foundation was born.

I have done various things from walks, raffles, parties to raise cash. So far the Foundation has donated around £1000 to families going through what I went through. I set up a page on facebook and have also helped a few people who have had suicidal thoughts, (mostly grown men).

I do not make any profit from this all money raised gets banked or spent on merchandise and promotions .

I am not a trained counsellor, just a grieving mother who tries to help others .

The Foundation aims to pay for all events on the understanding  each person doing the skydive raises £300 plus to cover costs and gain funding for an unfortunate  growing way for our children to end their pain.”

Nadine West



We don’t have another skydive event set up for this organisation just yet. But do drop them an email if you’re interested:


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Unfortunately, we can’t share skydiving with everyone. There are some age, weight and medical restrictions which you can find here.


*The Jarrad Foundation is not a listed charity, but still maintains all charitable qualities whilst raising important awareness of mental health and suicide prevention.

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