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Saint Catherine’s Scarborough

Skydive For Saint Catherine’s, Scarborough


Have you ever wanted to skydive for the Saint Catherine’s charity, well now is your chance! Tick skydiving off your bucket list whilst raising money for this fantastic cause.

When skydiving for Saint Catherine’s, Scarborough, you’ll be raising money for the 24 hour nurses, doctors, counsellors, social workers therapists and everything else that goes in to providing outstanding care in the local community.

Saint Catherine’s provide care and support at home and in the hospice for adults with a terminal illness, and to their families, and friends. Their services allow a patient to remain as active as possible and make the most of everyday.

The team knows that learning to live with an incurable, progressive illness goes beyond the treatment of the physical and practical. They know that people are likely to feel many different emotions throughout an illness: from fear and anger to anxiety and guilt. The feelings can be overwhelming at times for both patients and their families and friends. The holistic approach provides support and guidance for emotional and spiritual well-being alongside the clinical care.



There are currently no events organised at the moment, but you can jump on a day of your choice instead!


Please Note: Using Money Raised to Pay For The Jump

The fundraising team at Saint Catherine’s are happy for you to use some of the offline fundraising to help pay for the jump. This must be offline payments only, as the skydive centre are unable to access the money you have raised with online fundraising websites.


Limitations of Tandem Skydiving

Unfortunately, we can’t share skydiving with everyone. There are some age, weight and medical restrictions which you can find here.

Paid by charity or self funded

Self funded, but offline money raised can go to paying for the jump

Total Cost


How to book

Call Skydive GB Parachute Club on 01262 228 033

Charity Contact

Debbie Kay


01723 378406

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